Multifunctional controls


With the iBEMI application you can control the following functions: light scenes, dimming, switching, air condition, temperature, RGB, blinds, shutter control, energy indication with scale and offset, value transmitter, time and date… See more for a full list.

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+ The button widgets adapt to the selected function and offer smart features for comfortable controlling.

+ Switch – On/Off/Toggle 1-bit

+ Dimming – 4-bit/1-byte

+ Shutter –  Move-step/Step-move-step

+ Value transmitter –  Lightscene/Temperature/Brightness/1 byte/2 byte/2 byte float/4 byte

+ Temperature

+ RGB  – 1 byte components/3 byte color

+ Time

+ Date

+ Indication – 1bit status/Temperature/Brightness/Windspeed/1 byte/2 byte/2 byte float/Time/Date/4 byte. All with scale and factor.

+ Note: Button vs. Indication. Button is for send/show info. Indication is for show info.

Easy navigation


The iBEMI application is easy to navigate thanks to the Level (floor) and room thinking and its classy design. It is especially developed to suit your phone, but it also works well with your other tablets. The design is developed to minimize scrolling and gives you a direct overlook of your control panel.

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+ The app structure is based on a real house. The different widgets are arranged in floors and rooms. This makes the app easy and intuitive to use even in big installations.

+ Upon creating your profiles, you can choose navigation according to either floor plans or functions or both combined.

Many profiles


iBEMI allows you to create many profiles for all your needs. For your home, your office, your summer house.

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+ After synchronizing with the app configurator all your profiles are stored on your idevice. Switching profiles is easy and fast.

+ There are basically an unlimited amount of profiles and widgets. However, for convenience reasons we recommend no more than 10 profiles and less than 5237 widgets in one profile.

No server needed


iBEMI is directly connected to KNX through KNX IP. No server is needed. iBEMI supports KNXnet/IP Tunneling and Routing.

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+ Connection data is stored for each profile. Custom IP addresses and custom port can be selected for KNXnet/IP connection.

+ iBEMI talks KNX/IP protocol directly. There are no conversions off the messages.

+ iBEMI automatically switch between local settings and remote settings. A remote connection can for example be a DYNDNS connection.

Instant control, everywhere


Thanks to KNX, this application lets you control your house instantly from your idevice. No matter where you are, you are just a few clicks away.

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+All you need to do is to connect your idevice with the IP Interface of your KNX installation. Usually this is done through the local wifi. However the app is also working if you connect your KNX IP Interface via the internet.

+ iBEMI understand IP Tunneling (direct IP) which can be used inside a network or outside on a public IP.

+ iBEMI also talks KNX routing (broadcast messages) that are not passing through the internet. To connect with IP routing from internet you need to set up a VPN connection. IP routing is to be preferred as connection type because it is easier to set up and get to work within a system. IP Tunneling requires some basic knowledge of IP networking.

Easy to customize


There is a range of icons to choose from when you create your own profiles. You can design profiles according to your needs in our free app configurator.

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+ Profiles are built up in the iBEMI app configurator. The graphical editor makes it very easy to create your custom remote control for your KNX installation. It works by the principle of intuitive “drag-and-drop”.

No manuals needed


Forget manuals. The iBEMI application and its app configurator are so easy to use that you won’t need to waste your time reading a manual. The usefulness of this application and web tool will still blow you away.

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+ The app configurator is kept very simple but it still holds all the information about your projects. Parameters for the different widgets in the iBEMI app configurator are arranged in the same way as in the KNX standard tool ETS.

+ If you still feel like you need some guidance, please check out the video tutorials in the support section. The app configurator also has a help file. Or contact us.

Easy licensing procedure


Try the free application with the six button demo mode. Like it? It is just as easy to use the application as it is to buy the license. With little hassle you can have the full range of use with the iBEMI application.

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+ After purchasing an iBEMI license you get a voucher code that you enter in the iBEMI section at your project in the app configurator. Then you will get the license key. This key you enter in the iBEMI app settings. The app will then synchronize the project data of the app configurator and you are able to load your custom profiles.

Multiple styles


Users can easily change the style of the app. Chose between Gradient, Solid, Pattern, Images, White or Custom style.

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+Gradient (default), dark pattern background with gradient buttons.

+ Solid, dark pattern background with solid colored buttons.

+ Pattern, dark pattern background with pattern colored buttons.

+ Images, select your images for each page, translucent buttons.

+ White, dark pattern background with white buttons.

+ Custom, free build up your own style. Why not with the dark pattern background, solid buttons where you chose a different color for each room, on room level you paint the top bar the same color as the room link. It’s all up to your fantasy.

Free app configurator


Create and change your profiles with the intuitive web-based configuration tool. Free of charge.

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+ In the main menu of this webpage, please go to “App configurator” and check out what it is all about. There you can find a link if you want to give it a try.

+ You need to register at the web configurator and create a project. The app is managed in the iBEMI section in the project details.