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Smart Home Automation and KNX Management Tools



BEMI KNX Planning and Project Management Tool — The ultimate solution for designing, planning, budgeting and managing the technical requirements and workflows for your next KNX project.


YES. You can contact customer support at anytime during your free trial or paid subscription for personalized help by clicking on the CHAT icon in the top righ-hand corner of the KNX Tool. Or you can click on the following link to schedule a time to talk with someone live online via video chat: SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT
YES. You can upgrade your current plan at anytime to receive additional features for the KNX Design and Planning Tool by clicking on the following link: UPGRADE YOUR PLAN
NO. Your credit card will not be charged if you choose to cancel your FREE TRIAL within 14 days. Terms of use
YES. The KNX Design and Planning Tool by BEMI Automation has been specifically designed for KNX installers to ensure a successful outcome for every type of KNX project — whether big, small, commercial or residential.
NO. The KNX Design and Planning Tool is used before the programming stage — you still need ETS for programming your projects.


KNX is internationally recognized as the worldwide STANDARD for all applications in smart home automation and building control — including lighting, blinds & shutters, security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarms, water control, energy management, smart metering, household appliances, audio/video and more.

BEMI Automation has been an accredited KNX systems planner, designer, integrator and installer since 2005. We specialize in customized KNX automation systems for residential and commercial building projects of all sizes.