KNX Tool

The BEMI KNX Project Management Tool was born purely out of necessity. The often-complicated selling and handling of KNX projects are not quite anything else – and as such they need unique ways to visualize and realise the project entirely.

The KNX Project Management Tool provides a unique solution for building, managing and monitoring a KNX project – or any other project of the kind – from ground up.

Build, change, tweak and manage your KNX project from the ground up

With it’s easy-to-use interface, you can finally create an intuitive project plan that both you and the customer can rely on.


As KNX projects are hard to explain to customers there is a need for visualizing the project without losing time on endless documentation. What traditionally has been nothing but a simple word document and excel table, is now a complete presentation of features from the installment plan to final project reports.


    Add your rooms to the drawing board, add devices and functions and you are ready to calculate your offer.


    Configure your device, add text to pushbuttons, add comments to functions,  – your function description is done!


    Easy to move buttons, entries in the actuator list and add comments before printing

KNX tool key features

  • Function description

    Create your function description by easy drag’n drop your devices and functions to the drawing board and select the push button functions. Print the function description with pictures and other information needed in a project.

  • Project view

    Get a clear overview of your projects with the card view layout of projects. Arrange your project on the workplace as you wish. Color code the projects according to its status.

  • Time tracker

    Keep track of spent hours on a project.

  • Upload documents

    Upload your documents or save a link to you favorite online storage like dropbox, google+ etc.

  • Purchase report

    Purchase report, speeds up the product ordering and keeps track of ordered products.

  • Actuator list

    Create your actuator list by easy drag’n drop of devices to the drawing board. Fill out the information for each channels in the actuators. Print the actuator report with pictures and other information needed for the procect.

  • TODO list

    Get organized with the TODO list and keep track of what you have promised your customers.

  • Product list

    Keep track of non KNX products sold to a project.

  • Create your functions

    Do the hard part once, package your functions you can offer your customers and set a price tag on them so it’s easier to sell and you get money out of your projects.

  • Budget report

    Budget report, calculate your project costs. Keep track of small changes so you will remember to charge for them.

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