Project Details

Project Details

General information, e.g. customer contact information, project start and end dates etc., is stored in the project details. 

Open project details from either the drawing board or the edit buttons in the manage projects page.

  • Contact: select the contact of your customer from the list. Add the contact to the Address book if it is missing.
  • Poject: enter the name of the project
  • (optional) Project Description: the text which you are entering here will be printed in the Function Description of the project
  • (optional) Address: enter the address of the project building
  • (optional) E-mail: e-mail address of the customer
  • (optional) Phone: phone number of the customer
  • (optional) Project Milestones: enter the milestones for the project
  • (optional) Date: enter the adding date of the project (default: todays date)
  • (optional) Header: project header information
  • (optional) Project Language: set the project language – the information of the devices in the project will be printed to the Function Description/Reports in this language
  • (optional) Project Start Date: project starting date
  • (optional) Project End Date: project ending date
  • (optional) Notes from Customer: enter notes from the customer here
  • (optional) Notes from Constructor: enter notes from the constructor here
  • Status: set the status for this project (Note: you can define you own Status categories at System / Project Settings / Project Status)
  • (optional) Description: enter an additional description for the project for internal use
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