KNX Design and Planning: Improve Productivity and …

Are you ‘wasting’ time with inefficient KNX planning, project management and documentation procedures?

Every single minute wasted in the day-to-day operations of your KNX business will hurt your companies revenue.

Inefficiencies in workflow and processes ⁠— from the selling phase through to commissioning and final project reporting, can and will affect your ROI for every KNX project you install.

It’s been proven many times that the established processes and workflow systems currently being used in the KNX industry (such as the design and planning of complex KNX systems using outdated methods like excel spreadsheets, microsoft word, etc.) are extremely time-consuming for the installer.

The use of confusing planning and documentation processes during any KNX installation can also lead to a customer being:

  • confused about their KNX installation.
  • unable to operate all functions of their KNX systems correctly due to a lack of understanding about their system.
  • disappointed or dissatisfied with the end result.


Electrical Contractors Who Specialize in KNX Systems Need Specialized KNX Solutions



Trying to design, sell, plan and manage complex KNX systems using a combination of different applications such as word documents and excel spreadsheets is confusing for both installer and customer.

When it comes to KNX installations and retrofits, our customers are looking for greater functionality, ease-of-use and robust integration options.

KNX job details can often seem very vague when trying to convey all of the features and functions of a KNX system to a customer, using complicated spreadsheets and basic word documents.


And the chance of human error with manual data entry is extremely high when trying to input and organize all of the required information for any KNX system integration, using the current outdated methods of KNX documentation.

Also, if changes or amendments are made to the initial KNX plan for whatever reason, installers and integrators need to be able to quickly and accurately adjust the details — to ensure all necessary parts are ordered and correct billing is invoiced for the project.


Is Specialized Project Management Software Important for Your KNX Business?

47% of projects fail to meet their goals due to poor management of requirements


Poor project design and lack of project management affects different industries negatively in many different ways.

However, efficient project design and management has proven to have the opposite effect.

Proper project, design, planning and management is essential for your KNX business because it ensures proper expectations are set around exactly what can be delivered, by when, and for how much.

Those who work on more complex and technical projects such as KNX installations and integrations, require streamlined workflows and efficient project management systems to ensure profitability is maximized during every stage of a KNX installation.

Effective project design, planning and management has always been one of the key factors in determining a successful outcome for any type of project in every industry — particularly those which deal with KNX and smart-home technologies.

When you choose to implement better design, planning and project management processes for your KNX business (such as the use of specialized project management software for the KNX industry), you will undoubtedly see better results.


A Smarter Way to Design, Sell, Plan, Manage and Document KNX Smart-Home Systems


The KNX Design and Planning Tool by BEMI Automation is a unique one-of-a-kind tool specifically for KNX installers and integrators to help minimize complications and maximize profits for your KNX business.

This specialized KNX Tool has been designed to help save time, money and effort with all stages of a KNX project.


The KNX Design and Planning Tool can help you save up to 65% of work time by streamlining all KNX project workflows — from the initial planning and development stages through to programming KNX installations using ETS and final project reporting.

  • Systematically plan, manage and control every aspect of KNX projects to gain a clear overview of all KNX projects and their current status.
  • Conveniently color code projects and tasks according to priority and status so you can arrange and organize KNX project workflows to maximize productivity.
  • Create, design and sell a diverse range of KNX projects with speed, accuracy and simplicity using the KNX Tool’s easy-to-use drag and drop interface.
  • Check the availability of KNX products and components needed for your project and order parts directly from inside the KNX tool itself.
  • Instantly produce comprehensive and easy-to-understand documents detailing all aspects of a KNX project — such as installation guides, function descriptions, budget reports, purchase reports, product lists, user manuals, etc.

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