Michael Bendtsen, Author at BEMI Automation

Author: Michael Bendtsen

Smart Home Automation and KNX Management Tools

Choose SaaS for Designing, Planning and Managing KNX System Installations

What is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)? Before the internet was extremely fast and became available everywhere, any type of work carried out during the design and planning stages of a KNX project happened on a single computer (or device) — with all of the data and information stored locally on the internal hard drive of the hardware.…
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Why Proper KNX Project Documentation is IMPORTANT!

To guarantee a trouble-free installation and a successful outcome for any type of a KNX project, you need to have a reliable method to produce important documents related to every aspect of your work. PROPER KNX DOCUMENTATION allows you to maintain a high level of consistency and success when selling, planning, designing, installing and managing…
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How to Streamline Tasks for KNX System Integrations

Correct design, a structured approach and well-organised project management are very important. – KNX Association As stated in the official KNX Project Design Guidelines from the KNX Association, how you design, plan, structure and manage your KNX system installations are all important aspects to guarantee a successful outcome. According to the recommendations from the KNX…
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USER REVIEW: KNX Design and Planning Tool by BEMI

Used by KNX Professionals Worldwide We’ve had tremendous feedback about the KNX Design and Planning Tool over the past few months! Users from all over the world have reported to save up to 65% of work time by streamlining all KNX project workflows; from the initial planning, design and development stages — all the way…
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Ensure Trouble-Free KNX Programming in ETS | KNX Design and Planning Tool

  The all-new KNX Design and Planning Tool by BEMI Automation has a specialized KNX GROUP ADDRESS FEATURE that allows users to automatically create their personalised and project specific KNX Group Address structure and import it into ETS. The specialized KNX Group Address feature of the KNX Design and Planning Tool gives KNX installers the…
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A Better Way to Sell Design and Plan KNX Installations

      How Do You Sell, Design and Plan KNX Installations?   The methods you use for selling, designing and planning KNX installations are extremely important. They ensure the right expectations for KNX installations are set (and documented) around exactly what can be delivered, by when, and for how much. However, it is not…
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KNX Design and Planning: Improve Productivity and Profitability with every KNX installation

Every single minute wasted in the day-to-day operations of your KNX business will hurt your companies revenue. Inefficiencies in workflow and processes ⁠— from the selling phase through to commissioning and final project reporting, can and will affect your ROI for every KNX project you install. It’s been proven many times that the established processes…
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Key Benefits of KNX Automation for Commercial Buildings

The KNX automation systems we offer here at BEMI Automation are suitable for almost any type of residential, commercial or industrial building structure. Our advanced KNX systems can also be utilized in a variety of outdoor settings too. In this article we will outline the key benefits of KNX automation for commercial and industrial building…
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What is a KNX Smart Home or Building: A Complete Guide

  KNX is the internationally recognized and worldwide standard for smart home automation and building control. All About KNX Smart Home and Smart Building Automation KNX is technology which controls the automation of integral functions of any residential, commercial or industrial building such as  HVAC, lighting systems, multimedia, security, energy management and more. In this…
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