Date Control

This button function is used to send a date value (DPT_Date). On button press a window is shown where you could pick a date. The date is sent directly after picking it.
Name Name that should be shown beneath button.
KNX Address value KNX group address to set date value (DPT_Date).
KNX Feedback Address for value You can enter KNX feedback address to fetch date value. The value at this address is stored for this button. If there is no feedback address available, you should enter address of “KNX Address value” here. There is a checkbox to set whether this address should be polled or not. Note: If this KNX Address should be polled, the address should be marked as readable in your ETS project.
More Settings
Date Format on button You could select a custom format for the date which is printed on button surface. There are several different formats available. Default format is d.MM.yyyy.
PIN Secured Check this option to avoid unauthorised access to this button. If the Secure PIN option is set, you need to enter a PIN before you could use the button. The PIN is set in Profile Settings and can also be easily changed later in iBEMI App Settings.
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