KNX Push-button Functions

KNX Push-button Function

This article will show you how to edit and manage push-button functions.

1. Configuring Push Buttons

KNX Push-buttons offer different functions such as Switching, Dimming, Shutter Control etc.

In the KNX Tool you are able to add push-buttons to your projects.
When you are building up your project in the Device View you are able to select the function for each button of a push-button from a drop down menu.

2. Create and Manage Push Button Functions

You can manage the KNX Push-button functions by going to going to project settings > KNX push-button functions. Edit existing functions with the edit button . You can create new functions by simply clicking + Add Function and filling in a name and a description for the function.

3. Activating Push Buttons Functions

To use a function (i.e. to be able to select the function from the drop down menu in the Device View) you first need to select/mark the function for the Devices that you want to use the KNX Push-button function.

You can do this in the device’s Device Setup page (see picture below). Open a device’s setup page by going to System > KNX Devices and clicking the edit button for the device you wish to edit. Then scroll down to Function Type and select the push-button functions you wish to use.


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